Michał Okoń appointed the managing director of Zeitgeist Asset Management

Warsaw, October 2020

Zeitgeist Asset Management strengthens its team and welcomes Michał Okoń, who on October 1 this year was appointed the managing director of the Company’s operations in Poland.

“We are delighted to welcome such an experienced manager on board. From the moment we entered the Polish market, our main goal has been to develop a real estate portfolio that would translate into an offer of at least 800 apartments for rent. " - says Peter Noack, co-founder of Zeitgeist Asset Management. Now it's time to change priorities. We want to prepare for the operation of our projects, which are today still under development. In the near future we will establish the next step to the letting operation, tailored to the needs of diverse customer groups. " As tells Mr. Noack, Zeitgeist AM is also open to cooperation with developers, with whom it will be able to expand the pool of housing offered for institutional rental in major Polish cities.

Michał Okoń is a real estate commercialization expert with over 20 years of professional experience. In his career, he has proved to be a specialist in projects that require complex changes and a new perspective. He was one of the micro-apartment’s development pioneers. In 2012, together with Marvipol, he developed the Zielona Italia project with studio-apartment housing. He refined the micro-apartment concept in Dolcan, a project at Cegielniana Street in Warsaw, then at Ochnik Development - Studio Centrum and Dantex - Wolska 2. In 2013-2019, he was at the helm of the evolution and market success of Albero Invest, Ceramika Paradyż, and Ochnik Development. He has sat on the management boards and supervisory boards of several state-owned companies and is also recognized as the creator of the Mińska 65 event complex.

"The motto of our time is change. This also applies to the housing market. More and more people are interested in renting because it gives the freedom to choose a place to live and does not burden with long-term credit. " - says Michał Okoń, the new managing director of Zeitgeist Asset Management. "It is an honour and a great challenge for me to join the Zeitgeist AM team. We are aiming here at the development of institutional rental, a kind of novelty on the Polish market. I can see great potential in this product, especially in the long-term perspective."

Mr. Okoń's task for the next two years will be to smoothly transform the Company’s Polish branch from a developer to an asset manager, managing a wide portfolio of housing for rent, but also of offices and commercial spaces. Asset management is Zeitgeist AM's core business in the Czech Republic, where it already has 25 projects under its umbrella.

Michał Okoń replaced Luiza Grunwald, who in recent years, as Zeitgeist AM managing director has built the structures of its housing portfolio in Poland.

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