Zeitgeist well prepared for tough times

Current situation promotes companies which use modern communication technologies. At Zeitgeist we are happy to share this experience. Due to web-based solutions we are well prepared for the tough times, with our teams working remote.

Investors focus

For the past three years we’ve developed our own management tool for projects and budgets. This tool is a big help today, allowing real time budget changes and always updated prognosis for each project done by project managers. Both with the Investor, we are daily updated on a portfolio level and project level. We use Microsoft business solutions, like Teams or Sharepoint, that increase the efficiency and communication among our team members in the four countries.

Client focus

The same refers to direct relations with Clients. For each one of us, the priority is to stay in good, daily contacts with our business partners, especially when working in a home-office mode. All Facility and Property Managers are very close to tenants, trying to be reachable 24/7. Additionally, we set up a hotline for each office, in case your personal contact is not available at the moment.


Poland: +48 22 243 69 62
Germany: +49 30 889 288 770
The Czech Republic: +420 773 515 612

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