A place for a student - what are the options?

February 2022

According to a CBRE survey conducted in 2021 in the largest academic centers in Poland, the total number of places in public and private dormitories increased by 3% in comparison with the previous year and amounts to 80.3 thousand. However, this is definitely not enough - only 9.9% of the total number of students are guaranteed a place in a dormitory.

Poland belongs to the group of European countries with the largest number of students - in this respect we are in sixth place, ahead of Germany, France, the UK, Spain and Italy. According to Eurostat, 46.3% of 20-year-olds studied in our country in 2018, which is much higher than the European average (41.9%). The Central Statistical Office reports that as many as 1.2 million people studied at 353 higher education institutions in Poland in the 2019/2020 academic year. The largest academic centers with as many as 813.6 thousand students include: Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk, Łódź and Katowice. Although the number of students has been on a downward trend for several years, experts predict that the trend will soon turn, and with it the age-old problem of...

...Lots of students, not enough places in dormitories

According to a CBRE survey conducted in Q1 2021 in the largest academic centers in Poland, the total number of places in public and private dormitories increased by 3% in comparison with the previous year and amounted to 80.3 thousand. However, this is definitely not enough - only 9.9% of students are guaranteed a place in a dormitory. Admittedly, during the period of distance learning, the interest in accommodation in university dormitories was significantly lower, but such a situation did not occur in private dormitories. According to the aforementioned CBRE study, they were popular even during the pandemic - out of 62 private dormitories, only one stopped renting during the restrictions, and only six had more than a few vacancies.

During the remote teaching period, many students returned to their hometowns, but returning to university means having to relocate again to the city where the university is located.


In families with a better financial situation, it is common for young students to get an apartment to start with, which is considered by their parents as a stable investment of capital. However, not everyone can afford such an investment.

Others try to rent an apartment together with friends from their hometown or with friends from high school. The advantage is a familiar company in which you feel comfortable. The disadvantage may be unforeseen accidents (e.g. sudden withdrawal from studies, which does not exempt you from paying the rent or keeping the notice period). It is also a challenge to find accommodation close to different types of universities (after all, friends do not necessarily have to study the same thing).

You can also try to rent a single room. If you don't intend to drive around and look at the offers found on the Internet or popular adverts, it might be a challenge to find a suitable place at a distance. And remember - the prices of utilities, among other things, are rising rapidly, so the rental rate you initially agree to may quickly rise, forcing you to look for more alternatives.

University dormitories

Another accommodation option is university-owned dormitories. However, in order to get access to them, a number of formal conditions must be met, and priority is given to people in a bad financial or living situation, chronically ill, studying full-time or living further away from the university. The application must be accompanied by a variety of documents and certificates: from the tax office, health insurance premiums or education of the siblings mentioned in the application. Students often complain that living in student halls of residence at a university entails not only a cumbersome recruitment process, but also a number of other inconveniences.

According to the report "Student halls of residence in Poland", prepared by the Independent Students' Association, many of them believe that conditions in student dormitories are not adequate to the price of rent - they lack more spacious rooms (51.9%), access to a private bathroom (73.4%) and a kitchenette (50.6%). Residents' well-being is also negatively affected by sanitary conditions, administrative service or staff's attitude towards students. Among the things they would most like to change, students cited facilities, level of cleanliness in bathrooms, staff, and frequency of events.

Zeitraum student house

One of such places is a private student house Zeitraum functioning in Krakow on Koszykarska Street, where a student Anna lives. She believes that: This dormitory is a very friendly place for students. You can always count on help from the ladies at the reception desk or the porters. When a problem occurs, it's solved as quickly as possible, and the cleaning ladies make sure that the kitchens and bathrooms are always clean. The dormitory is also well located - the M1 center is not far away, and you can get to the center of Krakow in 20 minutes. The two most important advantages are great learning conditions (it is very quiet here) and the possibility of meeting new people, also from abroad. Thanks to that we polish our language skills in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. There is always a nice atmosphere here, the people are open, and you can feel at home.

Veronika, who comes from Ukraine and also lives on Koszykarska Street, echoes the above opinion. In her eyes: Zeitraum is very comfortable in terms of daily needs. It has comfortable rooms and special rooms for studying, which is very important. You can use the gym and the equipped rest rooms. I also appreciate the linen change, which is taken care of by the dorm staff, and the regular cleaning of the bathrooms. I am now in my second year of college and plan to stay in this dorm until the end of my studies.

Facilities for students

The Zeitraum student house offers single, double or triple rooms, cozy and nicely decorated fully equipped kitchens, relaxation rooms with a large ultra HD TV, billiards, games and sofas, quiet study rooms, a mini gym and a self-service laundry room with tokens. The building is also fully accessible for people with disabilities.

The issue of all paperwork and the length of the lease is interestingly resolved. A novelty that Zeitraum has prepared for students - and it is a rarity on the market - is the possibility of concluding a rental agreement even for one semester only. Renting is done through the platforms zeitraumstudents.re and zeitraumapartments.re, which handle the entire booking process.

This online system is a unique tool on the market, because it allows the entire reservation process to be summarized to three simple steps. The student chooses the location and type of room, confirms with a click that he or she would like to rent the apartment, pays a deposit, and that's it. After that, all the student has to do is to show up at the place with the received code - explains Zdena Noack from Zeitraum. Another important convenience is the 24-hour reception, which allows students to check in at any time, and the car and bicycle parking right next to the building, which is at the students' disposal.

Entering adulthood

New professors, classes scattered around the city, numerous friends, interesting educational, cultural and social events - all this will surely fill a large part of your student life. Therefore, it would be good to take care of a comfortable base for all the educational challenges and unhindered enjoyment of being a student. After all, we want not only to study but also to have fun, not to worry about a leaky tap or a shower you're afraid to step into with bare feet. Choose your accommodation wisely, and student life will be a whole lot easier!

Students in Poland

  • 1,2 million students
  • 353 higher education institutions
  • 46.3% of 20-year-olds studying
  • 68% of students study in the eight largest academic centers
  • 80.3 thousand places in public and private dormitories

The first private student dormitory in Poland was recently opened in Koszykarska 33 in Krakow by Zeitraum, an international student dormitory operator with many years of experience on the Czech market. At the moment we have almost 95% occupancy for the academic year 2021/2022. We are glad that Krakow, as the first in Poland, joined the cities where we offer student dormitories. We will do our best to make our tenants feel safe and comfortable, and their only concern is their grades. We make sure that the Zeitraum.re dormitory locations are not only close to the university but also in neighborhoods with a vibrant nightlife. As in the case of the dormitory in Solec, Warsaw, the student house in Krakow is located in the vicinity of places attractive to young people. We will follow the same philosophy when choosing our next properties in Tri-City, Poznan and Wroclaw," says Zdena Noack from Zeitraum Student Housing.

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