Zeitgeist starts renovation of tenement house at Św. Barbara Street in Warsaw

November 2021

Zeitgeist Asset Management will begin renovation work on a tenement building at 6/8 Św. Barbary St. in December. The building is part of a real estate complex in the very center of the capital, which the company bought from Orange in 2019. The renovated tenement will be used for rental apartments and commercial premises.

- We invest in an aged properties to give them new life. Due to the location of the buildings in the heart of Warsaw, our offer of apartments for rent at Św. Barbary Street will be addressed to people who appreciate good standards in a great location, both in terms of entertainment life and close proximity to many important points in the city. Out of the planned 41 apartments, 24 will be studios and the rest will be two- and three-room apartments - says Peter Noack, co-founder and CEO of Zeitgeist Asset Management.

The complex of buildings at the crossroads of Nowogrodzka and Św. Barbara Streets, with a leasable area of over 48 thousand square metres, is an extremely important area of Warsaw in terms of history. The shape of the former post office building is considered to be one of the best modernist projects in Poland, hence the aim of their revitalization is to restore the property to its former glory.

A tribute to the city's history

These buildings were created with very specific assumptions, in the style of the epoch. The tenement house from the side of 2a St. Barbara St. is an extension of the building of the Intercity Telephone and Post Office, which was designed as an extreme modernist in the 1930s. Both buildings are part of the complex, accessible from Poznańska Street. Currently, the task is to restore the original external fabric wherever possible. Only minor changes will be made, but the overall appearance of the facade will be close to the historical original. The original balcony railings and balustrades will be visible, as well as the old window division. However, an important change will be the transformation of the first floor corner of the building into a service outlet, which will increase the public attractiveness of the place.

- The tenement house at 6/8 Św. Barbary Street may seem rather inconspicuous but it hides many interesting elements. Thanks to the Zeitgeist initiative, many original features of the building will be exposed,' stresses Dorota Gołębiewska, a restoration advisor at Zeitgeist Asset Management. Its lattice is an interesting example of metalwork, which the investor plans to restore. Also the plaster of the walls - characteristic for the period of the building's construction - will be restored. Since the tenement house is an example of a galleried building, galleries and the original staircase will also be preserved. Thanks to all the planned works, the building has a chance to gain a really beautiful, historical touch," he adds. There are also plans to thoroughly renovate the interior and replace the elevator - the current one is not part of the original design.

Interiors with the spirit of the era

The concept of the tenement house assumes using materials which are associated with modernism - such as concrete, glass, steel or, ceramics, at the same time warming them up with wood. It will be a combination of " coldness " of functional modernism with the warmth of "home comfort". The interiors are planned in such a way that they can be adapted to each of the residents. The ergonomics of the space allows for multiple functions, and the neutral color scheme provides the opportunity to personalize the rooms.

Group 5 Architects is responsible for the architectural design and restoration of the building, while Tétris is responsible for the interior design.

The restored 6/8 building, with a total leasable area of over 1,700 sqm, represents the first phase of Zeitgeist Asset Management's work on the property. Apartments in this project will be available to tenants in 2023. The next phase will be the renovation of the neighboring townhouse, located at 2a St. Barbara Street. Zeitgeist also owns other buildings in this complex, located at 10 Św. Barbary St. and 45-47 Nowogrodzka St. They will be successively renovated in the long run.

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