Zeitgeist Asset Management along its project portfolio expansion greatly enhances its personal ranks

Prague, 5 October 2018

Zeitgeist Asset Management, a Real Estate Developer and Asset Manager for private and institutional investors is expanding, along its project portfolio expansion, also its personal ranks. Two people have filled high managerial positions: the architect Jiří Boudník as the Head of Project Management, and Zdeněk Brancuzký as the Senior Project Manager. Their know-how and experiences represent a significant enhancement for the company and a contribution to its further development.

Jiří Boudník, a renown architect, will be in charge of the development of international projects and take part in the acquisitions as well. He has spent a great part of his professional carreer in the USA, where he, along his private practice and an engagement in several architectural and construction firms, also worked for the Department of Design and Construction after attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2001. He developed several 3D models as tools that helped rescue workers, firemen and later construction companies to orient themselves at the place of tragedy – Ground Zero, as well as the owner of WTC in his dealing with the insurace companies and rebuilding effort. He graduated from The Cooper Union School of Art in New York City in 1997, where he also studied Art and Design before, namely at the Munson Williams Proctor Institute, part of the Parsons Art Institute. After his return to the Czech Republic he worked, next to a number of different professional activities in architecture and construction, as an Architecture teacher at the Civil Engineering School in Pilsen. Jiří Boudník speaks English, German and Russian. Among his hobbies are book writing, painting and reconstructing a medieval fortress near Klatovy.

Among the main tasks of Zdeněk Brancuzký, as the Senior Project Manager, will be acquisitions and project development in the Czech Republic. He will capitalize on his many years’ experience in civil engineering and project preparation, which he gained mainly during his long employment at the architectural office CMC Architects. At the same time, he will use his rich knowledge of the residential and administrative buildings‘ construction, acquired at international development companies. Zdeněk Brancuzký graduated from the Civil Engineering at the Vysoké učení technické in Brno and speaks English and Russian. As a member of the Development Committee he concerns himself in the civic activities. His hobbies include motorbikes, traveling, sports and literature.

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Zeitgeist Asset Management, with offices in Prague, Warsaw and Berlin, is specializing in property development and asset management for private and institutional investors in the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Germany. Zeitgeist today manages assets valued at EUR 312 million.

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