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Choosing ZEITGEIST Asset Management means choosing an innovative partner who thinks holistically, treats everyone as equals and acts responsibly. Our founders and managing directors Peter Noack and Sebastian Junghänel are personally committed to these values as is the entire team. Every day. With no ifs or buts.

Our approach

We always start with the desired outcome: What do we want to achieve - and by what means? From this we derive our strategy, which we implement step by step and review regularly. In doing so, we optimize the economic, environmental and social impact of our projects and look for solutions that are both innovative and sustainable.
27 Hektar Möglichkeiten, Berlin
Next generation asset manager - Zeitgeist
Economic sustainability
To generate a return for our clients, we leave nothing to chance. That's why every investment begins with a precise analysis of the risk-return profile: What best suits the investor, the market and the project? Due to the long-term nature of real estate investments, we always prefer a sustainable return to short-term speculation.
Environmental sustainability
Environmental sustainability amplifies the economic sustainability of our projects. Consequently, in our properties we always aim to reduce energy consumption, CO2 emissions and pay attention to the long-term reusability of the properties. In addition, ZEITGEIST shareholders have invested in the timber modules construction company TIMPLA and the alternative energy company ZEITSTROM.
Social sustainability
We operate in five European countries and employ people from ten countries. This diversity helps us to think about our projects in terms of people. For the people who work on them. For those who use our properties and the people in the surrounding area who are affected by our work.

Our core Values

Constantly improving. Thinking out of the box. Always challenging the status quo to innovate: that's what drives ZEITGEIST Asset Management.
Trust is the foundation of any collaboration and important for a strong partnership. That is why we always communicate openly and honestly and take the needs of all parties involved into consideration.
The utmost sense of responsibility towards our investors - as well as towards the people, the environment and the places that are affected by our projects: this is at the core of our way of thinking and working.
We approach every project with maximum creativity as well as the greatest curiosity. To achieve innovative, inspiring and always meaningful results.

Liget Smart City

Creative hotspot in Budapest

Next generation asset manager - Zeitgeist

Berlin Hohenschönhausen

Hostel in sustainable wooden construction

Next generation asset manager - Zeitgeist


Sustainable e-infrastructure for real estate

Next generation asset manager - Zeitgeist

Berlin „27 HA Möglichkeiten“

Sustainable and futureproof neighbourhood development

Next generation asset manager - Zeitgeist

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